Edmonds, Roland Percy

Individual details:

Surname: Edmonds

Forenames: Roland Percy

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:

Place of Commemoration: Old Sodbury Church, South Gloucestershire, England

Form of Commemoration: Gravestone

Rank: Corporal

Regiment: Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry) 

Also Served: Private in 13th Hussars

Theatres of War: France, Mesopotamia

Date of Death: 1st December 1918

Age on Death: 19 years

Cause of Death:

Place of Official Death: Stanford Road Military Hospital, Preston, 2nd Eastern General Hospital, Sussex, England

Place of Official Burial: Old Sodbury Churchyard, South Gloucestershire, England

Place of Official Memorial: 

Special Words on Commemoration: 

Calm browed and radiant in a deathless life,

You did your duty well through wars wild strife,

And now rest, satisfied.

See blog listed here: Old Sodbury, South Gloucestershire, England: And now rest, satisfied.

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